Monday, April 7, 2008

Mmmmm Muffins!

The muffin tray that Granny attacks Moo with!

Project Grandma-ma

For most or you who don't already know, my MFA thesis project is a design for a multi-player fighter game. The two main characters are Grandma-ma and MooMix Cow. Grandma-ma was a pro-fighter in her younger years. When she was kicked out of the fighting championship due to her age, this left Granny extremely bitter. Some say that she actually went insane. At that point in time, she vowed that she would forever be the best fighter-NO MATTER WHAT. This began her intense steroid research. Through one of her experiments, she kidnaps MooMix's dance partner for lab "cow" testing. The story begins when Moo pays Granny a little visit in attempt to find the whereabouts of his dance partner.